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We get it, technology is important. Let’s move on!

April 20, 2013 6 comments

Well, one thing nobody can say about the EFL industry is that we don’t understand the importance of technology to our profession. If the recent IATEFL conference is in any way representative of the industry as a whole, then we seem to be obsessed with technology.

There were again a huge number of technology talks over the four days, if you ask me, far too many.

I do honestly get it, technology is important and we need to adapt to it and include it in our classroom. However, don’t we know that already?

I was extremely disappointed with the majority of tech talks at this year’s conference. All but a handful seemed to be obsessed with the following questions:

  1. Is technology useful in English teaching?
  2. Should we be using technology in our classroom?

Well, I think everybody knows that the answers are 1. Yes and 2. Yes. Why do we need to keep talking about it? Where are all the talks entitled ‘how to use technology in the classroom”? There are some but you have to wade through a huge amount of irrelevant rubbish to find them.

There were a few excellent, practical workshops that just gave people solid ideas on how to incorporate technology into their teaching. However, the majority of talks seemed to focus on the ethics of using technology and whether it has a place in the classroom.

The answer is YES. Can we move on please? We have technology, its good. Let’s start seeing all technology talks providing people with what they really want; practical ideas on how to use the vast array of technology successfully in their classrooms. Conference organisers, if a technology talk isn’t practical, please don’t accept it, enough already.

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